How to use other smart cards (RFID) as your SoBi access card (Android only)

Social Bicycles can read many RFID-enabled smart cards and link them to be your Social Bicycles member card (such as municipal transportation, library, or employer cards). You can sync these cards to your account for use as your access key to unlock bikes instead of typing in your account number or using the card issued by your bike share program. This can be a convenient way to cut down on card clutter in your wallet. If you think you have a compatible card, follow the steps below on an Android device with NFC capability.
Install the SoBi mobile app on an NFC enabled smartphone running Android.
  • Login to your account with the SoBi mobile app
  • Navigate to My Account screen through the user menu (upper right corner) 
  • Click “Access cards” on the bottom
  • Tap your card to the back of your phone. If the card is compatible, the screen should change to “Enter card name”
  • Name your card and press “Add new card” button
You can sync up to 3 cards to your account. You can also rename and delete cards already synced. If the card is not compatible, an error message will be displayed. 
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