Advanced Bike Reservations & Holds

Each bike can be reserved in advance through your smartphone or your web browser. When you get to the bike, it will be waiting specifically for your PIN code or smart-card.

You can also place the bike on "Hold" for a quick stop. This means your bike will be waiting for you while you run in for a coffee or as you shop! "Hold" time counts toward your rental period, so don't forget that the clock is running. 

"Hold" time expires upon the default setting under your membership type. You can extend beyond this time by clicking on the "extend" button on the keypad interface on the back of the bike.

Each Social Bicycles smart-bike communicates individually with our cloud-based software platform instead of relying on a kiosk. Rather than showing up to an empty dock station, SoBi riders can ensure a bike will be there when they need it by checking the interactive map. This is particularly helpful for commuters who rely on bike share to get to and from their workplace.


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