Rider-Friendly Pricing

Social Bicycles offers both Membership and Pay-as-you-Go pricing to our operators. Please see Social Bicycles Cities for your local system pricing. We also recommend our Pricing section for more detail.

Membership pricing should be familiar if you have used bike share in other cities. The key difference is that while conventional systems offer free time per ride with escalating overage charges, Social Bicycles offers free time per day with a flat per-hour fee thereafter. Operators typically offer approximately 1 hour of free time per day. Different Memberships can be configured by the operator, ranging in price, free time, and activation period (daily, weekly, monthly, annual etc).

Pay-as-you-Go pricing is available depending on the market. It is a pro-rated pricing model that charges hourly based on all usage, with no free time provided. Pay-as-you-Go pricing users may also be charged an activation fee or a nominal monthly access fee (subject to local program pricing). 

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