Social Cyclist

Social Cyclist is a companion application developed by Social Bicycles. It is a useful tool for soliciting input from the public to increase community engagement, and to gather valuable local knowledge prior to setting up a bike share system. It is available to the public for free download in the iTunes and Google Play stores. 

Social Cyclists vote with their wheels, making their Cities more bike friendly with actionable data. Riders can record and share their GPS bike rides, find the nearest bike share station, request bike racks/bike share stations for the community, and much more. City governments, bike share operators, bike advocacy groups, and bike planning firms can aggregate this data to allocate resources appropriately. The larger your City’s SoCy user-base, the more ridership and bike share data you’ll have at your disposal. With your help, we can make Social Cyclist a transformative force within your community.

Visit Social Cyclist's homepage for more information!

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