I am a local citizen/entrepreneur and I want to bring SoBi to my City

Social Bicycles works with advocates who have been actively pursuing local bike share. Often bike share systems are the result of one advocate, entrepreneur, or concerned citizen. Building bike share is much more than ordering Social Bicycles equipment. An operating entity must be created to support the program with a talented staff, facilities, maintenance vehicles, insurance policies, and all operating protocol to equip the team for success. Social Bicycles can provide best practices, but it is up to each local program to build the operation.

Our suggestion is to check in with your local representatives to see if there are any plans already in motion. Local transit agencies are already actively seeking funding for a bike share programs all across the country. Working together with the City to bring bike share is essential, especially if public funding is available for the project. If an RFP is issued, we can work with you to bid on the project and work together to create a community sensitive program.

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