Out of Hub Fees


With Social Bicycles, you can lock bikes at stations, or to private bike racks (usually a small fee applies). This flexibility is great when you need to end your trip away from a station. You can also collect Bike Bounties by helping us bring these bikes back to stations. These bounty credits cover future usage. Look for the coin icons  on particular bikes.

If you’d like to temporarily stop between hub locations, you should use the ‘Hold’ feature before locking the bike. This will keep the bike reserved under your account, keeping the clock running on your trip. This will also ensure the bike is still waiting for you when you get back, and you will avoid being charged an out-of-hub fee.

When putting the bike on hold, keep in mind that the hold state will expire after some time and become available to other users. Once expired, your account will no longer be accruing time for the trip, and other users will be able to unlock the bike. Please check with your local bike share network to find out how long your Social Bicycle is allowed to remain on hold.

To view all hub locations in your network, please refer to the map located on your bike share system’s website, your Social Bicycles account at, the Social Bicycles mobile app, or any kiosk location.

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