My bike is broken

  • Web

You can indicate a broken bike on the web app by clicking ‘Report bike as broken’ in the Active Booking pop up or Active Rental pop up which are displayed on the Map window. You will see a prompt to identify the mechanical problem, enter any additional details, and then click ‘Submit report’.

  • Mobile

You can report a repair through the mobile app by clicking ‘Report bike as broken’ under your active reservation. You can indicate the type of mechanical failure, describe what the problem is, and then click ‘Submit report’. You can also report an issue with a bike after you finish rental. -to do that click on the red triangle icon with the exclamation mark inside it, in the Ride Summary view.

  • Keypad

If you encounter a flat tire or any other mechanical problem, please press the ‘repair’ button on the keypad and make sure the bike is securely locked. 

We will then send you an email to find out some more details about the repair needs of the bike.

If you need additional assistance or cannot securely lock the bike in its state, please find the number of your local operator on the bike or at a hub.

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