How to link a RFID card with your account through the controller's MENU

Unlocking a bike is easier than ever!

The Social Bicycles system allows users to sync any compatible RFID smart-card (such as public transit cards, library cards, or employee cards) with their accounts using the keypad on the back of each bike. Users can then use their synced card to unlock bikes by tapping their card instead of entering their account number using the buttons. The rider will still be prompted to enter their pin code before pulling the ubar out of the bike.

To sync your RFID card follow the steps below:

  1. Rent a bike logging in with your Account number and pin code.
  2. Then select the Menu button on the below the bottom right of the screen:


   3. When prompted to Link Card, press the button. Then press the button to Start.



  1. Place the card you want to sync on the keypad below the screen and wait a few second to sync it.


 The following message will be displayed during the process.


Upon completion, the rider will be informed that his card has been added successfully. While most RFID cards are compatible, some cards like RFID credit cards, may not work. If this is the case, the message on the screen will let you know you were not successful in connecting your card.


Now your card is synced! For future trips you can log into a bike using your synced RFID card or by entering your account number. Happy riding!

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