Ending a ride inside a hub or a corridor

You can return a bike to a hub location or corridor at no additional charge.  Hubs are defined on the map as black or green shapes, and corridors are defined as orange shapes.  You can park your bike at a station or regular bike rack inside the hub or corridor at no additional cost. 

You can also end your trip outside of a hub location or corridor (but within the system area) for a nominal fee.

If you find a bike outside of a hub location or corridor, you can collect a bike bounty or credit by returning the bike to a hub location. By doing so, you will receive a credit on your account towards future riding. 

If you need to travel outside of your system area, we recommend putting your bike on "Hold". Ending your rental will incur a significant penalty for the “out of system area” locking fee. Placing the bike on "Hold" outside the system area will simply keep your meter running as if you were riding. 



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